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Factory Programs

Factory Programs

Although we'd really love it if you could buy a new BCGP boat every year, we know that's sometimes impractical. And because we build the darn things so tough, it's typically not necessary either. In fact, it is not unusual to have Whalers in commercial service in excess of a decade. The Whaler warranty is 10 years so obviously the boats are built to stick around.

We have a factory program to refurbish your work boat to bring it back to its original beauty so you can get another decade or two of work out of her. (Our Impact RHIB series hasn't been around that long yet but we can spruce those up too when the opportunity arises.) Or we can train your people to conduct general maintenance and repairs so you can reduce the period out of service.
Here's a partial list of BCGP's support programs:

Factory Refurbishment:
Clean / repair / update your boat to add years of service and save you money.

Commercial Workboat - Before
Commercial Workboat - Before
Commercial Workboat - Completed
Ready for 16 more years of service.

Factory Training Courses:
Boat operations
General maintenance
Fiberglass repair
Product Support Covering:
Parts and accessories
Complete Custom Capabilities: 
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