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Impact Stringer System

Impact RHIB | Stringer System


Brunswick Commercial & Government Products has raised the bar in the production of its powerful Impact RHIB series with the implementation of molded fiberglass stringer systems. This enhanced process results in more precise fitting parts, finished gelcoated bilges for lower maintenance and superior strength and durability.

The stringers are unique to individual hulls – the 520, 650, 750 and 850 models – affording optimal structural support and uniform fit. Each molded fiberglass stringer is affixed to the hull interior with a methacrylate adhesive. (Methacrylate adhesive is so strong that it is capable of shearing fiberglass before a bond fails.) The stringers are then filled with liquid polyurethane closed–cell foam that provides not only additional strength but flotation as well. The foam holes are covered with fiberglass and the hull and stringers are permanently bonded. More precise fitting stringers means a more consistent bond contributing to strength and durability.

The molded stringer part produces a finished gelcoated bilge for a more attractive appearance and lower maintenance.