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Rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBs) are extremely forgiving and easy on subject vessels and dive gear. Their air or foam-filled collars function as shock absorbers to mitigate damage when tied alongside in boarding situations. The collars also afford lateral stability and quicker recovery in stacked waves. When affixed to a fiberglass hull, you get the best of both worlds: the strength, durability and no risk of deflation of a fiberglass hull with the impact absorption of a collar. Additionally, the lighter weight of the RHIBs allows excellent performance, from increased operational range to a faster time to plane.

BCGP takes RHIBs to a whole new level with superior materials and construction techniques to ensure optimum longevity and performance. While RHIBs are great in boarding situations, chafe and the opportunity for puncture can take their toll over time. That's why BCGP collars are made out of polyurethane instead of Hypalon or PVC. Polyurethane has twice the puncture resistance and four times the abrasion resistance of the other options.

Stringers are permanently glassed into the hulls providing longitudinal support and structural integrity. Through hulls and areas of stress are backed with composite material (no wood) to promote strength and longevity. And all of this is backed with a limited commercial warranty because your Impact is built to last.

Impact collars afford shock absorption and facilitate boardings. BCGP's polyurethane material has four times the abrasion resistance of Hypalon or PVC:

Impact RHIB

Impact RHIB Boat features include:

  • BCGP hulls feature multi-directional fiberglass cloth and a polyester blend resin in a precise strength-to-weight
    ratio to achieve maximum strength with minimum weight.
  • Heat-welded air-holding collar seams have superior longevity to glued seams.
  • Standard collar features include heavyduty rubbing strake
    fenders and heavy duty inflation and pressure relief valves.
  • Aggressive non-skid is applied to collars and molded into fiberglass decks for more secure footing.