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Sentry Boat | Insulated Enclosed Helm

Aluminum workboats are popular for use in rugged environs where submerged rocks and logs could wreak havoc on lesser hulls. They also tolerate exposure to fire and contaminated water better than some alternatives. But it is their comparative lightweight and superior strength that makes them particularly well suited for commercial applications, translating to speed and lower fuel consumption.

Working in concert with the high speed aluminum work boat experts at MetalCraft Marine, BCGP now offers an aluminum cabin boat series with five models 28 to 40 feet in length. BCGP's engineering team and MetalCraft's experienced staff collaborated in the design of each model to ensure optimum performance, 360 degree visibility and superior durability.

MetalCraft builds the hulls with saltwater grade 5083 aluminum alloy for superior corrosion resistance. The wheelhouse construction employs multiple bends in lieu of welding which enhances strength and reduces weight by eliminating framing. BCGP installs the cabin and completes the assembly including a host of standard features and options.

Some aluminum work boats are loud and uncomfortable because the bare metal hull amplifies noise and vibration. But the Sentry boat series features insulated cabins and shock mitigating seats to make your job a little more tolerable.

Sentry Boat features include:

  • Saltwater grade 5083 aluminum alloy for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Strong and lightweight means higher top end speeds and lower fuel consumption.
  • Insulated enclosed helms featuring 360 degree visibility and shock mitigating seats