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Military operations are probably the toughest of missions for any boat. The boats are beached, chronically overloaded, and subject to conditions where ordinary craft would be unfit for service.

BCGP boats are built to take it. In one test, marines put a thousand rounds of automatic weapons fire into a Boston Whaler hull and it stayed afloat. Our rugged, low-maintenance, durable boats keep on running. We offer lightweight, shallow-draft models with unequaled lift capacity for inshore or riverine patrol boat work, and deep-V, high-freeboard hulls that can handle offshore conditions. Some models are designed to fit into C-130s and sling under choppers to get to remote locations fast.

Every special ops boat and combat boat we build is configured for its specific mission. Load capacity, speed requirements, maneuverability, agility and stability are all matched to the mission.

A long list of available equipment includes gun mounts, communications gear, electronics and more. Primary systems like electrical, propulsion and fuel are standardized to simplify logistics, repair and training requirements. The result is higher craft availability rates and the flexibility of having crews that are qualified to operate and maintain all craft in the unit. And U.S. forces can order them right off the GSA schedule, so there's no procurement hassle.