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Military Inflatable Boats

When the Mission is Critical, Trust Military Inflatable Boats

Tough, military-grade construction and over half a century of experience produces rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIB) that stand up to whatever the mission requires. Brunswick Commercial & Government Products has built an entire fleet of Impact Military Inflatable Boats for an unlimited number of applications. These tough boats are the perfect "light" option that reduces excess weight, resulting in better performance on lower horsepower, the ability to carry heavier loads and improved fuel economy.

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Move Fast & Save Lives with Inflatable Rescue Boats

Inflatable rescue boats are your best ally when patrolling a beach that's too large, or the surf is too powerful, to perform rescues on a board. For that reason, an inflatable rescue boat is extremely effective in all forms of surf rescue and retrieval in countries around the world.

Safe, durable inflatable rescue boats from Brunswick Commercial & Government Products are designed to be sleek, high-performance machines when you need them the most. Our Impact Rigid Hull Inflatable Rescue Boats deliver unmatched value and confidence through their lightweight construction and nimble operation, allowing you to perform search and rescue operations with ease. Impact Inflatable Rescue Boats feature a polyester blend resin hull specifically applied to multi-directional fiberglass to attain maximum strength while minimizing weight.

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Impact Military Inflatable Boat: Superior Construction

Molded Fiberglass Stringer Systems

This enhanced process results in more precise

 fitting parts, finished gelcoated bilges for 

lower maintenance and superior strength 

and durability. Learn more >>

Resin Infusion Technology

Optimized resin-to-fiberglass ratio minimizes 

excess weight, achieving over 30% reduction in

weight compared to traditional open-molded 

technique. Learn more >>

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