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Although we’d certainly sell you a new BCGP boat every year, we know that may not be practical. And because we build them so tough, it’s not necessary. In fact, it’s not unusual to have Whalers in commercial service for more than a decade. Our support programs include factory refurbishment, factory training courses, product support covering and complete custom capabilities.

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Built to take a beating. All over again.

BCGP customers usually measure boat life in decades, not years. So when your vessel needs a cosmetic refresher or upgrade, bring it on home. We can repair major and minor fiberglass damage and spray new gel coats or install more ambitious upgrades like T-tops, trim tabs or new power.

Many boat companies won’t warranty commercial boats due to their frequent exposure to harsh conditions. In fact, the fine print usually says that commercial usage invalidates the warranty completely. Not our boats. We back them with the same confidence we build them with. That’s why you’ll see sturdier fortified laminate schedules, more durable rub strakes and heavier hardware than boats with weaker warranties.

Customized Training Worldwide

Wherever your operation, we’ll bring the training package to keep your operators and mechanics at peak skills and readiness. Or send an individual or your entire team to the Brunswick facilities for intensive, complete programs that get your operation up to speed in the shortest possible time.

Led by trainers experienced in diverse maritime applications, Brunswick training comprises general operation and maintenance, and extends to search and rescue, counter-piracy, and asset and personnel protection.

Choose a standard or custom-designed training program. Our courses are multilingual and cover every model in our entire line.

We understand that you need a tough boat to do a tough job. If it were easy, you could buy an off-the-shelf recreational boat and do just fine.

Because commercial boats are typically subjected to frequent use in harsh conditions, many boat companies will not warranty them. In fact, if you read their warranties, you will see in the fine print that commercial usage actually invalidates the warranty completely. Fortunately, that is not the case with Brunswick Commercial & Government Products boats.

We start by building our boats strong in the first place. Fortified laminate schedules, heavy-duty hardware, extra durable rub strakes and large, solid cleats are just a few of the places you’ll notice the difference. Then we demonstrate our confidence in our boats by backing them with powerful warranties that are with you years after you take delivery.







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