The boat that takes them in brings them home.

When your op is life-critical – and when isn’t it? – never bring less boat than you’ll need. Bring the Brunswick and you’ll never experience a second’s hesitation for lack of speed, rugged performance or the capacity to take personnel – and punishment. Our extra-durable hulls and mission-specific equipment options are battle-tested with combat experience going back to the Vietnam War. The seasoned experts who run our sales and support forces understand the critical nature of your mission and help you build the ultimate ops vessel. Our whole line is prepared for any special ops challenge you take on – the unsinkable Boston Whaler, durable aluminum Sentry and rigid-hulled Impact. Tackle rough seas or snake through shallow rivers in a boat you know will get your team in and out, mission accomplished. Just fit the boat to your application. Many of our models fit into C-130s or sling under helicopters for remote missions. And U.S. forces can order straight from GSA. We’ll help you spec it out. We’ll even train you to maintain your fleet.

“We’re loving [the boat]. About 100 hours on it now. For the hull itself – great rig. We’ve used it during open-ocean missions dragging side-scan sonar over the bottom for a search, and also I use it during my powerboat instructor course as the safety boat and wouldn’t change a thing.”

– U.S. Air Force Special Tactics Diver

Equipment Options

Spec out your military boat. Choose from among thousands of equipment options.

Gun Storage
Shock-Mitigating Seating
Floor Matting
Aluminum Consoles


The heavyweight champ.


Justice is swift.


Any mission – not just any boat.


Hybrid strength and deck space.


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